Unlock The Power of the Wellness Effect

There’s no one more capable of delivering financial wellness solutions that will drive the outcomes that matter most to your organization than Prudential.

Explore new opportunities to expand financial wellness in your workplace.

Why Financial Wellness?

People are the engine of prosperity in any organization. To drive growth, they must be engaged and energized. But, they are increasingly distracted, worried about personal finances.

That’s why now, more than ever, financial wellness matters. And you can address it by giving your workforce the tools they need to take control of their financial lives. The result? More productive people driving your organization's bottom line, and more confident people influencing their families and communities.

That’s The Power of The Wellness EffectTM.

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The Opportunity Is Clear


of young Americans are putting off saving for retirement due to student loan debt.3


of people don’t have enough saved to cover a $500 emergency2


of Americans don’t know where to turn when they need financial advice and support.1

Prudential and The Wellness Effect

Prudential understands that when financial wellness works, the impact is felt everywhere. That’s why we’ve designed a platform to meet people where they are in life, with answers they need to achieve financial wellness, helping them manage their day-to-day finances, achieve their financial goals, and help protect themselves against risks.

Prudential helps organizations:

  • Drive productivity and growth—Enjoy the results that come from a more engaged, focused workforce.
  • Optimize investments in employee benefits—Reduce costs associated with employees under financial stress, such as healthcare spending and retirement plan loans and withdrawals.
  • Improve workforce management—Help prevent delayed retirements by enhancing employees’ financial security.

Financial Wellness Capabilities

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Credit and Debt Management Program

Offered through GreenPath, free initial debt counseling helps participants understand their financial situation, learn about their debt management options, receive recommendations for how to get out of debt and develop a personalized action plan to meet their goals. A debt management plan, if recommended, can also be implemented (for a fee) to help most participants pay off their debt in three to five years.

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Financial guidance and individualized solutions

LINK by Prudential® helps workers see what they have and what they need. Helping them visualize and take action on goals, like establishing emergency savings or protecting loved ones.

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Financial wellness education

Our series of educational webinars are designed to boost your workers’ confidence and the skills they need to achieve their financial goals. Webinars make it easy for your workers to engage with key financial topics and are offered at no cost.

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Financial Wellness Updates

New financial wellness account experience

A workforce that’s free from financial worry is a workforce that’s focused, loyal and productive. That’s why we’re providing your workers with tools to help them manage their day-to-day finances, protect against the unexpected and plan to achieve important financial goals, such as retirement.

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It just got easier for participants to prepare for retirement

The enhanced Prudential Retirement app enables your participants to manage their financial futures with ease and efficiency—from anywhere, at any time. Participants can adjust allocations, initiate transfers, make contribution changes (if applicable), view fund performance, and more with just the push of a button.

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Exploring financial wellness within diverse populations

While Americans from all backgrounds share common financial goals and worries, many are impacted by additional factors that underlie, and sometimes impede, their ability to achieve financial security.

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The future of work and financial wellness for Millennial employees

Employers can improve their ability to attract and retain talent in the years ahead by aligning their benefit program with the needs and concerns of Millennials, who make up a growing percentage of the workforce.

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Helping you unlock The Power of the Wellness Effect.

Helping your workforce achieve financial wellness helps your organization achieve a more secure financial future.

Helping you unlock The Power of the Wellness Effect is where we come in.

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1Harris Poll on behalf of Northwestern Mutual, “2016 Planning & Progress Study: Closing the Gap,” June 2016.

2 McGrath, Maggie, “63% of Americans Don’t Have Enough Savings to Cover a $500 Emergency,” 2016.opens in new window

32016 Workplace Benefits Report, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, April 2016.

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