Why Financial Wellness for Your Workers?

Expanding your financial wellness offering can have a real impact on your workers’ lives and your organization’s goals


62% put off saving for retirement due to student loan debt 1


50% of Americans don’t know where to turn for support 2


63% of people don’t have enough savings to meet a $500 financial emergency 3

Financial Wellness is Good for Your Organization

Bringing new financial wellness solutions to your workforce is a smart business decision that can help you align your benefits expenditures with your business goals, such as recruiting and retaining key talent. Workers that are less distracted by financial stress are more focused on doing and being their best on the job.

Your Workers Have Clear Financial Priorities

Workers are struggling to build their nest eggs and reduce their debt, including student loans. At the same time, many Americans would have to borrow money to cover a $500 emergency. Finding new ways to help workers better manage their debt to improve their financial lives is a smart decision that can benefit your organization.

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It’s Easy to Give Your Workers the Help They Need.

An expanded, personalized financial wellness offering helps lead to a less stressed, more focused, financially secure workforce. And that can make a real, positive impact on the lives of your workers, their families and on your organization. That’s why 95% of employers say their financial wellness program has helped the company reach its goals.4

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Offering a holistic financial wellness solution that includes tools, education and support can help your workers achieve financial wellness while strengthening your organization.

Driving better financial wellness outcomes

Why Partner with Prudential?

Prudential is committed to helping employers save money, improve cash flow, and attract top-level talent while driving better financial wellness outcomes for employees.

  • $432.4 billion in assets under management
  • 4.4 million participants
  • 8,827 plans

Prudential Financial Retirement data as of 12/31/2018

Address the Financial Wellness Challenges of Your Workforce

American workers face unique challenges when it comes to financial wellness and saving for a financially secure future. By helping them solve for these challenges, you can strengthen your organization.

Connecting People to Financial Wellness: Derek

Today, Derek’s retirement is right on track. But it wasn’t always that way. See how he got the help he needed, right at work. And how his workplace became his wellness place.

Thought Leadership

Wellness Programs As a Talent Strategy

A financial wellness program can be used as a differentiator to help your organization stand out from the competition when attracting and retaining talent.

Is Debt Ruining Your Employees' Financial Wellness?

Healthcare workers face unique challenges and financial stress when it comes to debt. Helping relieve some of that stress is a smart business decision.

5 Keys to implementing a Financial Wellness program

Design a financial wellness program with personalized offerings that align with your desired business outcomes, such as attracting and retaining talent.

The Future of Work and Financial Wellness for Millennials

Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, and they are both reimagining work and experiencing anxiety about the future.

Helping Employees Pay Off Student Loan Debt

College graduates are carrying substantial student loan debt into their working years, which can prevent them from adequately saving for retirement.

Increasing Workplace Security with Emergency Savings

A workplace emergency savings feature helps employees avoid raiding their 401(k) in an emergency. And, unused funds can become part of an employee’s retirement savings.

Exploring the Psychology Around Return to Work

Research shows that coping with a disability often involves more than physically adapting to an injury or illness. Therefore, employers and employees should focus on nurturing the right “return to work” mindset.

Closing the Retirement Income Gender Gap

Plan sponsors can help close the retirement income gender gap through customized plan design, participant engagement programs, and holistic education.

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