Why Financial Wellness in the Public Sector?

America's public servants have unique financial wellness challenges that impact their future retirement security, limit the growth of your plan and may be distracting participants from their most important job: serving the public.

A clear opportunity for public servants


45% of public servants report living paycheck to paycheck1


32% of public servants say their level of debt is ruining the quality of their lives1


75% of public servants worry about having enough money to retire.1

Financial Wellness Is Good for Your Organization

Bringing new financial wellness solutions to your workforce is a smart business decision that can help you align your benefits expenditures with your business goals, such as recruiting and retaining key talent. Workers who are less distracted by financial stress are more focused on delivering better patient outcomes.

Public Servants Have Clear Financial Priorities

Almost one-third of public servants say their level of debt is ruining their lives. Meanwhile, almost half (45%) of public servants report living paycheck to paycheck.2 Finding new ways to help workers better manage their debt to improve their financial lives is a smart decision that can benefit your organization.

Help Public Servants Overcome Their Unique Financial Challenges
Help Public Servants Overcome Their Unique Financial Challenges - opens pdf in a new window

Offering a holistic financial wellness solution that includes tools, education and support can help your participants achieve financial wellness while strengthening your organization.

Driving better financial wellness outcomes

New financial wellness capabilities are now available to help your workers:

  • Reduce credit card debt
  • Build a financial roadmap and take action on specific financial goals, like building emergency savings
  • Learn how to better manage their financial lives with educational webinars on topics such as budgeting and debt management
  • Get easy access to retirement counselors in the event of retirement or a job change

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Why Partner with Prudential?

Prudential is committed to helping public sector employers compete for talent, while helping prepare your workers for the future, as you both serve the public.

Prudential Retirement Public Sector

  • $42.7 billion in assets under management
  • 785,977 participants
  • 233 plans

Prudential Financial Retirement data as of 12/31/2018

Address the Financial Wellness Challenges of Your Workforce

Public servants face unique challenges when it comes to financial wellness and saving for a financially secure future. By helping them solve for these challenges, you can strengthen your organization.

Connecting People to Financial Wellness: Seattle

With only 49% of Americans participating in their retirement plans, what keeps one city more engaged?

Thought Leadership

Helping Public Sector Workers Achieve a Future They Deserve

A majority of public sector workers rely on pensions for retirement income, but the promise of pensions is at risk. How can public sector employers help address this challenge?

Survey Executive Summary

To explore the financial realities of public sector employees, the EIU surveyed over 1,800 public sector workers. The research focused on their financial literacy, attitudes toward pensions, approaches to financial planning and ability to fulfill their aspirations.

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