Why Financial Wellness for Union Members?

As the #1 provider in Taft-Hartley retirement services, we understand what financial wellness can mean for members.

A clear opportunity for members


52% of members report living paycheck to paycheck1


60% of members are slightly, fairly or very worried about getting out of debt1


84% of members worry about having enough money to retire1

Members Have Clear Financial Priorities

Members are struggling to reduce their debt. In fact, 60% say they are worried about getting out of debt. Meanwhile, most (84%) are worried about having enough money to retire and more than half (52%) report living paycheck to paycheck.1 Finding new ways for your members to better manage their debt can help them improve their lives—and the lives of their loved ones.

Help Members Overcome Their Unique Financial Challenges
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Offering a holistic financial wellness solution that includes tools, education and support can help your members achieve financial wellness.

Driving better outcomes

New financial wellness capabilities are now available to help your workers:

  • Reduce credit card debt
  • Build a financial roadmap and take action on specific financial goals, like building emergency savings
  • Learn how to better manage their financial lives with educational webinars on topics such as budgeting and debt management
  • Get easy access to retirement counselors in the event of retirement or a job change

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Why Partner with Prudential?

Prudential is committed to helping Taft-Hartley plan sponsors drive better financial wellness outcomes for members.

For more than 60 years, Prudential has partnered with unions to both improve the financial lives of their members as well as support the goals of organized labor.

  • $36.3 billion in assets under management
  • 539,334 participants
  • 220 plans

Prudential Financial Retirement data as of 12/31/2018

Retirement Counselors Your Members Can Count On

Our dedicated retirement counselors understand the unique challenges your members face and are proud to help them every step of the way as they plan for their future.

Thought Leadership

6 Financial Stressors for Union Members

Find out what 1,500 union members said when asked about satisfaction with financial matters, including their ability to live a comfortable life and manage debt.

Preparing the Next Generation of Workers

Union leaders, including Damon Silvers (AFL-CIO), Valarie Long (SEIU) and Steve Early (labor movement veteran) offer their perspectives to millennials.

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